Early 1900's Antique Cut Steel Shoe Buckle Brazilian Fur Cowhide Cuff Bracelet

$85.00 USD

This beautifully ornate cut steel, antique shoe buckle is roughly 2" x 3.75" in length and gently curves over the wrist. This particular style of shoe buckle was worn during the early 1900's. The steel was cut to be highly reflective and give off a similar sparkle effect as earlier buckles from the 1700's to late 1800's that used rhinestones. This buckle is hand sewn on to black (with some white patches) Brazilian cowhide fur. The stainless steel concho is a Buffalo Nickle. The closure is a white silk ribbon that knots over it to close. Streams of silk dangle from the cuff to give it a dreamy, vintage look and feel. This also allows for adjustability.