Celestite Gold Leaf Decorative Storage Box

$80.00 USD

Beautiful, small gold leaf decorative storage box adorned with a stunning Celestite crystal from Madagascar. The box is lined in a rich, black paper liner. Celestite brings an experience of a wonderful sense of peace, an elevation of spirit, and an overwhelming awareness of belonging, not just to mankind but to the universe and all that dwells there. What a beautiful way to bring peace to your room and spirit and get a bit of lovely storage at the same time. This box is a perfect size for rings and things, or lipsticks or perfect for small desk items or just as a decorative item for a table or shelf.

Celestite, also known as ‘Celestine’, is a type of strontium sulphate mineral that naturally occurs inside certain geodes – a secondarily occurring formation within volcanic and sedimentary rocks. This crystal is characteristically brittle as it forms in tiny prismatic shards that are typically clear-colored. The pale blue stone is known to draw those seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual plane into its orbit. 

Box size 5 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 2 1/4