Lavender Picture Agate and Sterling Silver Pendant- hand-made

$375.00 USD

Stunning Lavender Picture Agate is encased in textured sterling silver. This beautiful Agate has shades of lavender to deep purple to rust throughout and is accented by my signature cabochon Moonstone gemstone. The pendant measures approx. 2" x 2" and hangs 24" from a heavy, small cable, sterling chain. The Moonstone: I use alot of Moonstone in my pieces so I thought I would tell you a little about why it inspires me. It is an ancient stone. It is an elemental stone much like the moon it is named for, and it is said that it reflects back a persons own person truth. Throughout history it has been regarded as holy, magical and the stone of love. Who doesn't need a bit of that in their life. There is an ancient legend that claims if a man and a woman both wear Moonstone in the night of a full moon, they will fall in everlasting love with one another. It is a stone of the feelings. It is also considered a "feminine" stone and does well for helping to balance feminine energy and can be very calming. Words most associated with the powers of the Moonstone are: love, power, healing, luck, romance, femininity, intuition, dreams and emotions.